In just over eight months (December 2018 – September 2019), we’ve built an engaged audience of more than 10,000 people who like, follow and subscribe to the various digital channels created and managed by CuparNow.

Our audience is hungry for information on Cupar – especially for updates from the town’s businesses. The majority of our messaging is sharing content gathered from businesses. We are reaching thousands of people every week – all helping to support Cupar’s businesses and our wider community. In order for the project to continue beyond this November, we need the support of our town’s businesses

Your Support

If you run a business or organisation in town that pays non-domestic business rates, we’re asking for your backing in a ballot this autumn.

If you vote for CuparNow, you’ll be making history – helping to create the world’s very first Digital Improvement District – a real coup for Cupar. By supporting us, you’ll commit to paying a levy on top of your business rate* to fund the project’s delivery.

How will your contribution be apportioned?

In return, we’ll commit to continuing our support, delivering this unique project to showcase Cupar’s businesses, events and community projects seven days a week, 365 days of the year through:

  • The CuparNow Blog ‘ featuring Cupar’s news and events with your mapped business listing including opportunities to profile your business with updates on your products and services.
  • Content Management ‘ gathering content from businesses and sharing with an ever-growing Cupar-loving audience, on our digital channels, managed daily between 8am and 10pm.
  • Managed Integrated Digital Communication ‘ planning, scheduling and sharing dynamic content plus engaging and interacting with our audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Performance Driven

We are monitoring all our delivery to ensure we can report back to the project’s steering group – and wider business community – to demonstrate CuparNow’s impact. Below are click links that demonstrate each month’s top performing posts on our Facebook page – and the leading Blogs on CuparNow.Blog.

Inclusive Digital

You will also be enabling us to support multiple community groups and projects across the town – day in, day out. And your contribution will also help the continued delivery of free public realm Wi-Fi in the town centre, benefiting not only those using the service but also allowing us to capture data and enabling us to share your news, events and offers with the network’s subscribers.


Corporate Social Responsibility?

There is a CSR element to this project – but ultimately, this is ‘by business, for business‘ – and we very much hope you will support CuparNow to enable us to help you and your business ongoing. Our service is helping to promote Cupar – at local, regional, national and international levels. Whatever business you run – we can help to amplify your message to support your business – at home …

… and abroad. We are seeing interaction with the content we’re creating and sharing that is generating engagement around the world …

Need more? Read our Business Plan …

The CuparNow plan was drafted in September 2018 and got the unanimous backing of the project’s business-led steering group in November 2018 – 12 months out from the planned ballot. It received the unanimous backing of Fife Council’s Area Committee in June 2019.

Please click on the image below to download and read the Business Plan: if you have any questions whatsoever regarding the Plan, its content or the accompanying timetable, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The timetable accompanying and referenced from the Business Plan is shown below …

But don’t just take our word for it …

We are bound to say CuparNow is delivering its objectives. It is. We are engaging with businesses across the town to gather and share dynamic content that is then published on digital channels – our Blog (that features a categorised business listing of 350+ businesses in the town), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Our daily management interacts with an ever growing audience – all helping to amplify Cupar’s message, creating a ripple effect that’s spreading the word on Cupar’s stories, events, promotions and more.

Throughout our delivery, we are gathering testimonial support from businesses, organisations and cross-party representatives as well as from community groups.

Any questions?

We are trying to ensure that every business and organisation has access to as much information on our project as practicable. To that end, we have a series of Open Meetings that are running each month (hosted at Fife Voluntary Action on Crossgate) where all are welcome to attend, hear updates on the project’s delivery – and ask questions relating to the demonstration project, the countdown and the ballot.

Meetings have already been held in May, June, July, August, September & October: the remaining dates are as follows:

  • November – Tuesday 19th 0830-0930
  • December – Tuesday 3rd 1630-1830

We are also sharing relevant PDF documents from these meetings – available for download from the following links:

May 2019 | June 2019 | July 2019 | August 2019 | September 2019 | October 2019 | November 2019


* The Small Print

The CuparNow business plan (accessed via the given link) explains all in more detail: in short, by voting to support the CuparNow Digital Improvement District you will be making a commitment for your business to pay a levy on top of your non-domestic business rate each year for the next five years. That levy, collected by Fife Council for and on behalf of CuparNow, will be paid to the delivery company – Fife-based Destination Digital Ltd – to deliver all as set out in Business Plan, overseen by the town’s steering group of local business leaders as well as elected and officer representatives of Fife Council.

Thanks for reading.