Cupar & District’s Post Lockdown Celebrations

Roll on September!  A dozen organisations from across Cupar & District – the whole catchment area of Bell Baxter and its feeder primaries – have been meeting on Zoom to plan ahead for celebrating the relaxation of the Covid rules on public gatherings. This is the latest update …

Some of the activities planned were proposed originally for March last year, then June, then September, then for this month!  It is sincerely hoped that the activities and events now planned will happen during the weekend of 17/18/19 September 2021, precisely six months from now.

A Food Fair is planned for the Friday afternoon and evening, 17 September.  Simon Baldwin of CuparNow says: “There is a marvellous selection of locally-produced food and drink available from businesses across our area.  Many of these have been active online during Covid, and they look forward to meeting families face-to-face”.

On Saturday 18 September there will be several events, including the Farmers Market, which already attracts businesses and visitors to the town.  By the time the Farmers Market is winding down at lunchtime, a music festival – “C in the Park” – will be entertaining all ages in the Haugh Park.

Steven Stewart says: “We hope this musical celebration will entertain local families and visitors.  A series of bands will take to the stage from lunchtime to bedtime.  Since the music will be from various eras, we look forward to mums and dads showing their kids how dancing should be done!”.

Also that Saturday, a long-awaited Children’s Day will be laid on for kids drawn from all of the area’s primary schools.  Isla Lumsden, Headteacher of Kilmaron School, says: “The schools will welcome this event, which will be fun, but also have a bit of learning, based on activities in the Old Scots language.  Story-Telling, Art, a Medieval lunch, and a performance of Peter and the Wolf in Broad Scots – lots to look forward to.”

The Children’s Day is being organised by Cupar Development Trust, and it follows a very successful Special Families day which CDT ran at Castlehill a couple of years ago.   Bill Pagan, Chair of CDT, says: “Cupar & District has a medieval heritage we should all be proud of, but not enough of us recognise it.  As well as the Medieval closes, soon to be further re-vitalised by Kingdom Housing’s development behind Crossgate and Bonnygate, the town was a center of learning which educated local poet and playwright Sir David Lindsay of The Mount, who was also Lord Lyon for King James V.  How fitting that the present Lord Lyon is going to take part in the day!”  The day is supported by St Andrews University, Scottish Opera, the National Library of Scotland, Scots Language expert Billy Kay, and by the well-known Cupar-born actor and producer, John Bett, whose parents still live in the town.

The final event – which should create a lasting legacy – is a first-ever Gathering of Societies, presented by Cupar Community Council, supported by Cupar Rotary.  Gina Logan, Chair of the Community Council, says: “We have been discussing this proposal for some time, and it was delayed by Covid.  Cupar Ward itself has over 80 organisations.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase what they do, and to welcome new members.  Youth leaders, organisers and active participants are needed, and I hope that people now working at least part of the week from home will have more time and energy to offer.”

Cupar Rotary President, Bill McSeveney say: “Rotary’s motto – Service Above Self – is on show when the Club visibly supports events like these.  Rotarians in the tabards will be seen throughout the weekend.

Covid has brought serious health problems, and the lockdowns have damaged individuals and families, financially, socially and educationally.  Cupar is an active community, and will show that through these celebrations which will be open to all.  Indeed, CDT’s summary of its aspirations is to help create “a Caring Community with a Cause”.

Building a new normality, post-Covid, weaving together both face-to-face and online activities is a challenge – and cause – for the whole of Cupar & District.  Delivering it will be hugely helped by the digital opportunities proved by CuparNow, whose arrival just as Covid struck could hardly have been better timed.


Thanks for reading!