CuparNow KnowHow – Percus Piercing

In our latest CuparNow KnowHow – showcasing the skills of people working in and around the town – we caught up with Gregg Davies, owner of Percus, the body piercing studio on Bonnygate …

It is just over six years ago that Gregg set up his own body piercing business. He explains: “My adventure into business … well, it kind of just happened!

Not long after returning home from a holiday in Portugal, Gregg and a friend went on a mini-tour around UK. Gregg says: “We were both at a loose end and got spontaneous piercings.” Gregg got his septum pierced – that’s the part of your nose that separates the two nasal cavities. “I knew at that exact moment whilst getting pierced, that I wanted to pursue a career in body piercing.

He says that there was “never a plan“, adding: “I practically begged a local piercer to teach me the ropes, which they did.” At the same time, Gregg came across a newly established tattoo studio: “We had a few discussions and it was decided I could work along side him.” Around a year later, the two went their separate ways and, not long after, Gregg moved into 9a Bonnygate – where he is today.


Gregg grew up locally: “My father had a shop throughout my childhood … one that I spent many days – many years in! I think I was always destined to have my own shop, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would be in the body piercing industry.

More than six years on, Gregg thinks back and recalls arriving home from his road trip: “I just wouldn’t stop talking about it. My friends and family probably all thought I was crazy – maybe still do – and although they all thought I was absolutely bonkers, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all their support.


What makes Percus special is that Gregg offers nothing other than piercings and the associated safe jewellery. That focus and dedication is paying dividends. Day by day, Percus’ reputation spreads – and customers now come from further and further afield.

Gregg adds: “We are now starting to stock some of the biggest and most recognised jewellery brands within the piercing industry from across the world … piercings are becoming so much more than just a piercing.

But don’t just take Gregg’s word for it. His customers are his biggest sales team – their recommendation and referral through word of mouth brings more and more people to his Bonnygate premises. Just click on the reviews below to read more through Percus’ Facebook page

What next for Percus? Gregg says that he is planning to expand: “Truth be told, along with running the shop I have a few big projects … the biggest being rebuilding our (mine and the better half’s) house from the ground up.” In the meantime? “Maintaining some kind of sanity in the most crazy years of all our lives.

As with all who feature on our Blog, we ask Gregg what he’d recommend for someone visiting Cupar for the first time – or for the first time in a long time: “Bring a big wallet! There’s definitely a few independent and unique business worth a visit, not to mention all the food possibilities!


Need more?

You can contact Gregg via email, by phone on 01334 844806 – or pop in to see him at 9a Bonnygate, Cupar.

You will find much more on his company’s Facebook page through this link – and on his website: just click on the image below. You can also use this link to book online.

Percus is also on Instagram and Twitter.


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