Cupar’s Racing Lewis

Cupar’s Lewis Nicol has chosen to live life in the fast lane … and he is looking for support from those in our community who want to back a winner. We caught up with Lewis to hear his story …

A former Bell Baxter High School pupil, Lewis moved on to Perth College UHI for his apprenticeship. He has had a love of bikes since he was five and “learnt the basics” from a very early age. But it is three wheels rather than two that now drive Lewis’ racing passion. Together with his team mate, Rhys Gibbons, they race sidecars.

Lewis explains: “Sidecar racing is one of the most visually spectacular and exciting motorsports with competitions that start at club level and progress through Scottish and British to World Championships.” He adds:Having only 3 wheels, it is reliant on teamwork to navigate the circuit as fast as possible.” The two race an LCR chassis with an R6 engine.

Lewis drives the sidecar: “Rhys has to move himself from side to side and hang off the bike to make it turn round the corners. If we aren’t in harmony it won’t work and the bike won’t want to steer.

We asked how he got into the sport: “I have been around it all of my life. I grew up watching my dad racing over the years at different levels. In 2015, I started to race on an Aprilia RS125. That’s when I knew racing is what I wanted to do.” He raced at all different levels and on various motorbikes before making the change from bikes to sidecar racing. That was in 2021.

Today, Lewis is 21. Rhys is 19. Lewis is a vehicle paint technician at BN Designs Bodyshop on Cupar’s Trading Estate. His passenger, Rhys, is from Wirral and is studying design at Manchester University.

Both are “third generation sidecar racers” coming from families with a wealth of experience that spans more than 40 years. And it is that experience that they hope will attract support from sponsors keen to benefit from their success.

Lewis says: “We are seeking help to ensure we race against the best in the world.” Lewis covers the main funds – including owning and maintaining the sidecar – but there are significant extras, not least of all when it comes to competing. Lewis explains: “To be competitive at British Championship level, we require additional help. Sponsorship will help us to fund not only the controlled tyres and fuel we use but also the entry fees.” Putting that in perspective, each race weekend costs around £2,500.00 – and there are ten across the season.

How can people help? Lewis and Rhys already work hard to win support – and have received significant help from family and friends to date. Lewis says: “We have various packages that start from just £100.00.” He adds: “Depending on the level of support, we can provide a whole range of benefits – from you or your company’s name on our sidecar to joining us at race weekends where you can overlook the team as we prepare to race.” Other benefits include being featured in the team’s media coverage.

We have heard that you run something called Club 88: tell us what that delivers: “Club 88 is a great way for anyone wanting to back us to help cover the day to day costs. For a one off payment of £88, you receive a Lewis Nicol Racing t-shirt and sticker, we’ll display your name on our supporters’ board and you are entered into our ticket raffle at every race weekend.


Backing a winner

If you or your company is interested in helping to sponsor Lewis and Rhys, you’ll be backing a winning team.

They won four races last year across the country as well as places in the Top 10 at their BSB debut. They finished 2nd in the Scottish Championship and became the first sidecar team to win the SACU novice trophy.

How can anyone get in touch?

Lewis says anyone interested in supporting the team can either message them via their Facebook page – or email Lewis direct via this link.

Need more?

You can follow Lewis & Rhys on Facebook where they share updates on their racing. You can also find recent videos of their performances on Facebook – just click on the image below.