Thanks for visiting our Blog site … and welcome! Cupar, an ancient Pictish name, means ‘where the rivers meet‘. Today, rail, roads and paths bring people together to live, work, play and stay …

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Please use this site to find much more on all that Cupar has to offer: the main menu has links to …

  • Places to stay – next time you come to Cupar, why not stay a night or two? The town has a collection of self-catering properties – either in the town centre or within easy walking distance. We are also pleased to support our local Tourism Association.
  • Eat & drink – award-winning bakeries and butchers not to mention fabulous cafes, coffee shops, tea rooms, bars, pubs, bistros and restaurants. Eat in, take-away and deliveries for Burgers, Fish & Chips, Chinese, German, Indian … there’s something for everyone with close to 40 outlets across the town.
  • Shopping – there are more than 70 shops across Cupar selling everything from antiques, arts and crafts to electrical goods, home and hardware. Convenience stores and supermarkets plus fashion and accessories with boutiques – plus unique independents where you’ll find books, haberdashery, jewellery, toys and much more!
  • Huge range of Services – you name it, you’ll find it in Cupar. There are more than 250 businesses and organisations covering every service sector: from accountants and agricultural equipment to barbers and beauticians; from specialists in health & wellbeing to all the professions and trades you need for home and office … not to mention estate agents, pet groomers, photographers, piercing experts, leisure facilities, tailors, tutors and vets.
  • We also have a Community Directory – more than 85 clubs, groups, societies and associations covering so many pastimes and activities. Arts, charities, churches, culture & tourism, dance, education & training, the environment, health & wellbeing, music, photography, sports and leisure. Something for everyone!

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What is CuparNow?

CuparNow results from research that has shown communities want, expect and need managed, integrated digital connectivity – not just providing residents and visitors with free public-realm Wi-Fi when in town, but digital communication that supports and engages with multiple audiences: businesses, employees, residents, tourists, community partners and stakeholders.

CuparNow began life as a demonstration project, funded by the Scottish Government, Digital Scotland & Fife Council as one of a number of initiatives under the Digital Towns Programme 2017-18.

Working with ABCD, the town’s Business Association, we set out to prove that a ‘digital improvement district’ would be the best-placed vehicle to deliver managed, integrated digital communication and services to support multiple audiences, albeit supporting businesses first and foremost.

We were tasked with creating a delivery model that, if successful, would be sustainable and not rely on grant support from Government or Government agencies – be they at local, regional or national levels.

The demonstration phase ran from September 2018 until a ballot of non-domestic rate paying businesses in December 2019. The businesses (within a given town boundary) were asked to vote on whether they would support CuparNow beyond the demonstration phase and, in doing so, commit to pay a levy on their NDR value that would pay for the continuation of all service delivery.

Business voted in favour – in a majority by number as well as by total rateable value – and CuparNow became Scotland and the UK’s first and only Digital Improvement District in December 2019.


How is it run?

All delivery is detailed in a Business Plan that was voted on in the Ballot. In August 2020, we published a Toolkit to update on the project’s delivery ‘to date’. It was submitted as evidence to the Scottish Government’s Towns Review and is available via this link.

All work is delivered by Destination Digital Ltd, overseen by a Steering Group made up of local business owners/managers together with officer and elected representatives of the local authority.

Who is ‘Destination Digital’?

Destination Digital has two main delivery partners:

  • Destination66 – our integrated communication provider, managing communication using digital and social media channels to engage with multiple audiences.
  • Rapier Systems – our digital services provider, managing all infrastructure planning, installation and maintenance. In delivering their services, Rapier works with many tech partners in the UK and around the world.

What we are delivering …

CuparNow has an ambassador who visits Cupar every week, calling in to businesses on a rotational plan to ensure we are covering the town. When visiting, our ambassador takes pictures/video and gathers information relevant to the give business: this is then shared with our colleagues who schedule and share via the managed digital channels – this Blog as well as:

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CuparNow also delivers CuparClicks, a multi-vendor platform designed to help businesses who want to trade online. It provides a step on the e-commerce ladder, delivering access to any business in Cupar who wants to sell and promote their products and services online.

On top of the digital and social engagement (as our service operates seven days-a-week) we monitor and share content to amplify messaging from multiple partners and stakeholders. If you’re active on social media, tag #CuparNow so we can see and help to share your messaging.

Integrated digital communication

In addition to the above, we provide free public realm Wi-Fi in the town centre: this delivers a free service for visitors to the town centre – be they local residents or tourists. The data we capture enables us to build a database of subscribers who then receive regular e-shot updates featuring news, events and promotions from the town’s businesses and community partners.

How can my business benefit?

If you run or manage a business or community organisation in and around Cupar, we want to hear from you! We are looking for your news, events, fun stuff, promotional offers and anything brand new that you have to shout about. If you have anything to share direct, you can contact us by email using this link.

Need more?

Our Blog contains a wealth of articles and linked information to help you discover more on Cupar. One article in particular – Why Choose Cupar? – is designed as an introduction to the town, its history and many of the attractions on offer to those choosing Cupar as a place to live, work or play.

If you have any questions on any aspect of CuparNow or if we can help to answer any questions on the town, please do not hesitate to contact us: you can email using this link or call 01334 870858.


Thanks for reading!