A golden opportunity!

Did you watch Team GB winning Gold and Silver medals in curling at the Winter Olympics and think: “I’d like to try that!” Then why not give it a go? Cupar has its very own Curling Club, and we’re delighted to be able to share this update and invitation to get involved …

Cupar Curling Club is always looking for new members. Club President, Chris Webb, says: “We are a small club and would welcome new members – young and old.” Chris adds: “It is a very inclusive game and is open to all players.

Come-and-try sessions are organised by the Kinross Curling Trust throughout the year – until late March – and then again from September through to March 2023. Cupar Curling Club is able to offer advice and help in signing up for these.

Founded in 1775, the Club is one of the twelve oldest curling clubs in the world. Chris explains: “When the Club formed – and for many years after – it was only possible to curl outside.  Today, we are fortunate to be able to curl at indoor ice rinks in Kinross and Perth … but we did manage to curl outside in the winter of 2010!

We asked Chris to say a little more about the Club, its welcome for visitors and how the game is played …

What it’s like to curl with Cupar Curling Club?

“Cupar Curling Club is a very friendly, welcoming and sociable club. We believe that enjoying playing the game is more important than winning all the time. Despite what you might think, curling is actually quite an easy game to pick up. Once you have mastered some very basic techniques, the rest is fairly straightforward. We have an annual subscription fee but new members get the first season subscription free. We play in teams or rinks of four players and each session on the ice costs around £14.00 per player.  Each session lasts around two hours.”

What equipment do you need to curl?

When you first start playing, all you need is warm loose clothing and a pair of clean trainers.   When delivering a stone one foot needs to be able to slide on the ice but slip-on “sliders” are inexpensive and are supplied at the Kinross and Perth ice rinks where we play.  You also need a brush to sweep a stone but, once again, these are provided at both Kinross and Perth ice rinks.

How is the game played?

Curling is played between two teams of four people.  Each team is called a rink. Each player delivers two stones.  The point of the game is to get as many stones as possible into a ring of circles called the house. A match usually lasts for eight ends.  The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

How do you score?

The nearest stones to the centre of the house count.  Below are some examples that explain the scoring …

Do you need to buy expensive curling stones?

The simple answer is “No”.  Curling stones are very heavy!  They are made of granite and have to be kept very cold.  They are stored on the ice and belong to the ice rinks.  If you took warm curling stones with you they would simply melt the ice!



Please get in touch with the Club through their Facebook page.


Thanks for reading … and we look forward to seeing you representing Team GB at the next Winter Olympics!