ABCD Business Survey

As part of CuparNow’s partnership with ABCD, the town and district’s Business Association, we will be helping them to share surveys that enable them to gather information, opinions and data to help with ongoing campaigns that support Cupar. The first is a survey on business performance – that seeks information specific to Cupar’s Celebration Weekend as well as comparisons on trading years for pre and post lockdown …

The third weekend in September saw an array of events and activities delivered across the town. It was the culmination of many months of work – steered by Cupar Development Trust (CDT) – involving some 18 community groups. As we reported after the weekend, thousands came to the town. We have received anecdotal stories from businesses, individuals and community organisations that are testament to the weekend’s positive impact.

Those involved (above) are looking at whether the the ‘celebration’ should become an annual fixture. To help them in their planning and campaigning for support and potential funding, they require hard evidence on that impact. Bill Pagan, Chair of CDT, says: “We all have a gut feeling. We could see with our own eyes just how busy the town was over that weekend – and many have told us that they saw a significant uplift in trade. But for us to build on the 2021 Celebration and make the events bigger and better in 2022, we need our business community to tell us more.

James Hair, Chair of ABCD, echoes Bill’s sentiment, and is looking for similar feedback on trading comparisons, adding: “We are aware that the last 18 months have been unprecedented. Accepting many businesses have faced unique challenges with increased costs caused by restrictions, we would like to know how the town’s businesses are performing when measured against the year before lockdown, last year – and now 2021.” James says: “Naturally, the Celebration Weekend was this autumn. For us all to garner support and build on this unique initiative – and others – we need to know how the town’s businesses are trading. I very much hope all are able to complete our short survey.”

To complete the ABCD survey, please click on the image below …

ABCD is planning further surveys over the coming weeks, not least of all to gather business feedback on the expected consultation on Cupar North. James explains: “There was a public consultation in the summer. CuparNow helped to disseminate that through its channels and we appreciate their help ongoing that enables us to reach businesses and organisations across the town.” He adds: “The proposed development known as ‘Cupar North’ has been in the offing for many years. As business owners in the town, we will have the opportunity to give our views – and ABCD will do all we can to help in that process when the time comes.


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