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The diversity of businesses in and around Cupar never ceases to amaze us. In our latest KnowHow feature, we caught up with Rosa Ladera of Wolf Formulations – a company specialising in the development, manufacture and supply of eco-friendly cleaning concentrates.

It is six years since Max Wolf founded Wolf Formulations in Cupar. Rosa explains: “Our main office and lab are in the heart of the town. It is there where we research and develop all our innovative products and from where we coordinate and manage all the business.

The company sells to the public as well as to trade … and has two main brand lines to match:

  • COLIBRI ecopods is the brand for their household cleaning products – for glass and windows, floor, multi-purpose, kitchen de-greaser and bathroom. They are available online for the consumers and to large-scale retail stores, retail discount stores and retail dealers (wholesalers, distributors).
  • PROFIMAX is the brand for their professional cleaning products – available to users or suppliers for commercial and institutional proposes.

Rosa says: “We believe that small changes can have large impacts. Our ecopods are a really effective yet simple way to reduce plastic waste.” She adds: “Helping our environment shouldn’t cost the earth. Our affordable ecopods not only focus on eliminating single-use plastic, but also on using biodegradable and cleaner ingredients to minimize their environmental impact.

Wolf employs a team of eight working in different fields “creating products that are as good for consumers as they are for the environment“. Rosa adds: “We are an international team of dedicated and professional members, formed by brilliant people from different countries – Greece, South Africa, Turkey and Spain and from different parts of Scotland and the UK – creating a nice multicultural environment that gets the best out of each other.

The company’s qualified team of scientists work hard to ensure that only the best, safest and most effective biodegradable ingredients are used in all their products. Rosa explains: “Now eco-cleaning no longer needs to mean expensive or ineffective cleaning.” Their revolutionary just add water ecopods system offers a whole host of benefits:

  • They are 90% smaller and lighter to transport and store…
  • Reducing their carbon footprint relating to transport significantly…
  • Prevent the unnecessary redistribution of water …
  • All helping to offer quality products at very affordable prices

The products are available via:

We asked Rosa (pictured above with Pantelis Provatidis, Principal Research Scientist) about her time with Wolf: ‘When I joined five years ago, we were only a team of three passionate people working on a new concept to reduce plastic waste in the cleaning sector.” She adds: “At that time, our lab and office were under construction and a laptop on a table was the only tool we had for developing all our ideas!” Five years on? “Thanks to all the people who have worked so hard, we are proud to say that we have a working, functional lab, where we’ve developed a full range of ecofriendly cleaning products.

Rosa (her full name is Rosa M Ladera Gallardo) is the company’s Administrative Manager. She says: “Wolf Formulations Ltd is one of the pioneering companies commercializing water-soluble cleaning pods with an exceptionally cleaning performance. The professionalism and expertise of our team – and the quality of our products – have won worldwide recognition. It is one of our greatest achievements – combined with generating local employment and bringing leading innovation and development in this sector to Cupar.

We ask all who take part in our Blog profiles to let us know what they’d recommend to anyone visiting Cupar for the first time – or for the first time in a long time. Rosa says: “I would recommend they have a break in one of the wonderful cafes or restaurants in Cupar, to use the free Wi-fi (thanks to CuparNow) and to take a look to our website … and why not try our Colibri pods!


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