Super Cupar … Grand Support!

In Cupar, we’re very lucky to have two supermarkets in town who support local community groups – with a little help from yourselves by continuing to shop with them!

Via the Tesco initiative “Bags of Help” and your votes cast in September & October, Tesco Cupar in the Community has recently awarded the following fantastic sums to local groups …

Thank you to everyone for voting. If you have a project/event/coaching initiative that you’re trying to boost, take a look at the link. It will give you all the information you need.

And Cupar’s Co-op recently presented a share of over 12,000 raised by Co-op Members over the past year to the following local groups:

As a member, when you buy selected Co-op branded food products and services, 1% of the money you spend goes to local causes in your community. You can even choose which cause your own 1% supports. So do become a Co-op member today as it will support local community groups.

Thanks for reading!