Bell Baxter’s Wellbeing Garden

Bell Baxter High School is launching a fantastic project to improve their outdoor space – and we’re delighted to help in raising awareness and to invite all to get involved. At the end are contact details on how you can get in touch and support their work to improve the outdoor space that will benefit the children’s mental health and well-being …

Bell Baxter High School is our town’s comprehensive secondary school and has 19 feeder primaries from the Howe and East Fife area. Today, the school roll stands at around 1,470 pupils.

The school’s Department of Additional Support have exciting plans for developing a disused space into a small garden area. They hope to create a well-being garden where they can grow fruit & vegetables and encourage wildlife with bird feeders and bug hotels. With the addition of benches and sensory planting they hope it will become a place to reflect, relax and enjoy.

Can you help?

CuparNow is supporting this initiative through helping to raise awareness and has also made a donation for the school to spend with businesses in Cupar on some project essentials.

How can you help? You might be …

  • An artists who might be able to help in some of the planning and delivery.
  • A gardener with some key knowledge and time to lend a hand.
  • A builder able to lend or donate some equipment to help get the works started.
  • A builder’s merchant who can step in with some ground cover.
  • A business in town able to donate some seeds, plants, outdoor decoration, bird feeders or exterior furnishings that will help the space to take shape.
  • A former pupil who is keen to help make a positive difference for the benefit of upcoming generations.
  • A resident who wants to help with a donation – no matter how small.

If you can help – in any way – please get in touch with the school by emailing Liz Gibson on this link. Thank you!

Please watch the school’s video that tells more of their story …


And thanks for reading!