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First and foremost, CuparNow supports our town’s businesses. None of what we do – day by day – would be possible without their collective investment. Our remit is to support Cupar and its catchment and, as a result, businesses outside the town are able to opt-in to become part of CuparNow. One of the first to do so is Rob Wilson’s Joint Muscle Rehab. We caught up with Rob to find out more …

Rob is a Yorkshireman. Born in Leeds, he served in the Royal Marines. “It was during my time in the service that a passion for my work grew … seeing just what the human body is capable of doing.

Rob adds: “Whilst in the Marines, I saw an awful lot of injuries as well as physical achievements. That makes you realise what a healthy, balanced and well-fuelled body can do. I wanted to learn, to understand more about what makes our bodies work and how to keep them healthy. I decided I wanted to make a career in supporting others.

In 1997, Rob graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy and has been working with and studying the human body and its functions and dysfunctions ever since.

Rob explains: “I started my career in professional sport and spent 15 years working with elite men and women swimmers, rugby players, boxers, tri-athletes and divers.” For the last eight years, Rob has been in private practice, sharing his knowledge to support and benefit his clients.


In his studies and work, Rob has drawn on inspiration from many. A particular mention is given to Ida Rolf. He explains: “Ida developed the Rolfing Technique. In its time, it was cutting edge – looking at how soft tissue affects the bony structures of the body and how there has to be balance through both systems.

Since 2011, Rob has practiced in St Andrews and, over the last three years, has split his time between clinics in St Andrews and in Cupar – where he lives.


Joint Muscle Rehab

Today, I run JMR – a Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Strength Coach and Primal Health Coaching business.” Rob’s offering extends far beyond traditional physiotherapy. He takes time to get to know each client – to know what makes them tick and to understand why they have come to see him.

Rob explains: “If you drive a car and a warning light flashes on the dashboard, you don’t ignore it. If you do, you’ll likely end up with a far bigger problem. It is the same with our bodies. Aches and pains are warning lights. They shouldn’t be ignored.

Over more than two decades, Rob has continued to train with world leading experts. He is certified and specialized in industry leading concepts such as Functional Movement Systems, Be Activated, Strong First, The Ready State and Primal Health Coaching.

Rob takes his own health and fitness seriously. Asking about his personal achievements – “performing a 48kg Turkish Get Up at the age of 50 ranks” right up there. He takes great pride in the work he has done over the years – with elite athletes for 15 years, some of whom have represented their country at their given sports. His work today is with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Setting up, running and developing his own practice has been his greatest business achievement.

Finally, as with all of our profiles, we asked Rob what he’d recommend to anyone visiting Cupar for the first tim e- or for the first time in a long time. “Grab a frisbee or a ball and play in any of great spaces in the parks … followed by a visit to Fisher and Donaldsons or 1B Westport caf for cake!


Need more?

Read more on Rob via his website.

Rob posts videos from time to time on JMR’s Facebook page which gives an insight to his approach.


You can contact him …

Through JMR’s Facebook page

By email

Or call Rob on 01334 477000


Opting in to CuparNow

First and foremost, CuparNow exists for the support and promotion of businesses in the town: none of what we deliver would be possible without their collective investment. This blog has more than 15,000 readers. On Facebook alone, more than 1 in 4 people in Cupar follow the CuparNow page. Our total combined audience tops 21,500.

We also deliver free Wi-Fi in the town centre: this is a public service (the network is CuparNow Wi-Fi) giving free access to Wi-Fi. It is not a business service – it is for members of the public be they residents or visitors. Since we launched, thousands have used the service and more than 1,000 have given us their details – subscribing to receive e-shot updates. These are sent on a regular basis to promote businesses and more in the town.

There’s no doubt that the businesses engaging with us are getting the very best out of our services: we want to ensure we deliver over and above the value of any business’ contribution and will do all we can to help support and promote businesses and organisations in and around Cupar.

Until now, the businesses and organisations we support are in the town. As part of our sustainable development, we want to see CuparNow’s support spread to benefit those who are around the town and across our rural catchment. To that end, businesses have the option to ‘opt in’ – and Rob’s business is one of the first. Rob says:


“I live in Cupar and welcome customers to my rehabilitation facilities just outside the town. I’ve been aware of the CuparNow project for some time. Their work promoting all that the town has to offer – not just the businesses but also the community organisations and more – is like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere else. I’m very happy to opt-in.”


If you run a business within a few miles of Cupar and would like to benefit from CuparNow’s unique and award-winning service, please get in touch.

Just drop us an email via this link with your name, business and phone number and we’ll be back in touch with more information.

Thanks for reading!