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CuparNow is on YouTube. We are adding to the digital platforms we’re managing to best support businesses and organisations in the town. YouTube has some 1.9 billion users worldwide. In the UK, it is the second most popular social media channel with just over 37 million adults. The average viewing session is now 40 minutes – up 50% in just 12 months.

We’ve loaded some of the videos we’ve already created and, from now, new videos will be loaded to the channel to help showcase the business offering from Cupar as well as videos we create to support community groups and events.

So far, so good …

In the 15-month demonstration project run between September 2018 and the Ballot closing in December 2019, we created and shared many videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So far, these have generated great levels of engagement with our followers liking, sharing and commenting …

You can visit our channel and videos by clicking on the image below …

On many social channels, users scroll to view content. On YouTube, users more often search for the content they want to watch – so it is important to create searchable content to help those who are interested in Cupar to find the information they need. That might be on businesses, community groups, culture & tourism bodies, education providers, environmental projects as well as health and social care partnerships. We will be creating a living, digital archive that will benefit all those interested in seeing and sharing videos featuring the town and its many stakeholders.

And there’s more …

Over the coming months, we will be sharing information on workshops that we will be running. These will look at topics that will help us to improve the digital participation and skills of businesses and organisations that CuparNow is supporting across the town. We will be sharing more on these on this Blog and through our social media channels – as well as via direct emails to those on our database.

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