CuparNow is top of the tree …

WOW! We are absolutely thrilled that the engaged audience we are growing – that’s you – is now the fastest growing of any improvement district across Scotland. CuparNow only launched at the end of 2018 and has already grown an engaged social media audience of more than 3,000. The speed of our audience development puts Cupar at the top of the table against every other improvement district – including those in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Thank you … to you and yours!

We wouldn’t be making such ground were it not for the interaction, comments and sharing that is helping us to spread Cupar’s message far and wide. And that tells us we’re on the right track. The content we are generating and sharing – on this Blog as well as via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter – is amplifying the messaging to support our town, our businesses and numerous community partners.

Below is a page from a recent presentation delivered to businesses in town that demonstrates the power of the project’s reach. The map plots the Facebook reach over the last month across our region: naturally centred on Cupar, your sharing of our content is creating a ripple effect to deliver that messaging right across Scotland …

And we know it is traveling even further …

Our delivery is focused on supporting multiple audiences at a local and regional level: by default, the shared messaging resulting from audience advocacy is generating engagement with audiences at wider national and international levels.

The above trio of maps show the leading home locations of the project’s Facebook following (above left) together with the top locations’ organic reach at both UK and international levels from just the last four weeks. We were delighted to share a live video from a recent event in the town to see a message pop up from someone viewing in Ontario. The power of digital!

So we continue on our countdown to the project’s ballot. Come November, all non-domestic rate paying businesses and organisations in the town will be asked whether they wish to support CuparNow. If they vote ‘yes’, their contribution – set a 1% of the non-domestic business rate – will be a levy charged on their rate by Fife Council. That funding will be collected by the local authority and paid across to CuparNow to continue this unique Digital Improvement District.

More will be shared direct with businesses as the campaign continues. If you run a business in town and have not heard from us yet, please get in touch via this link or you can message us through any of the social media channels we’re delivering: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

We’re already Number One in Scotland. We very much hope everyone’s support keeps us there!

Thanks for reading!