Sustainable Straws Success for Cupar

Cupar businesses are well on their way to replacing non-recyclable plastic straws. In a recent straw poll around the town’s cafes, pubs and restaurants, over half were found to be already using a sustainable straw. And the rest? They’re seriously thinking about giving up the old plastic straw.

Members of Sustainable Cupar handed out complimentary boxes of paper straws to nineteen Cupar catering establishments, plus the Youth Cafe. Jill Dawson, Sustainable Cupar Trustee, said; “We were pleased to find that six Cupar businesses already use paper straws. Five others were using the biodegradable plastic version. Half a dozen more don’t give out straws at all and only two were still clinging to plastic straw use.

All the businesses handed the colourful paper straws were enthusiastic about their use. They also indicated that they would proudly display a poster on the advantages of paper straws designed by Bell Baxter pupils.

Sustainable Cupar would like to see Cupar take the lead in reducing plastic waste by replacing its use where possible. These paper straws will give the caterers in town the chance to test the paper straws with their customers.

The Boudingait had already taken the decision to convert to paper straws. Manager, Lorna Lidderdale, said; “It was great timing to receive the presentation straws from Sustainable Cupar as we are in the process of transferring fully to changing over. The whole Boudingait team are fully committed to the reduction of single use plastic.” Pictured below (left to right) – the Boudingait the bar team, Sam Mayberry and Becky Knox with head chef, Stuart McAlpine.

Anna Wardlaw, proprietor at Milly’s Kitchen (pictured below) said that; “At Milly’s, sustainability is very high on our agenda. The caf charges less for take-away coffee if customers bring their own re-usable cups. We also have reusable non-plastic mugs for sale. The straws were very welcome and we constantly seek ways to reduce our plastic use whilst running an establishment with high quality standards.

Jill Dawson, Plastic Group Coordinator said, “We were pleased to receive graphic art support from Bell Baxter pupils. They have shown a real interest in the environment and want to make a difference. We are grateful to Mrs Pour and her pupils for the colourful posters and to Cupar’s caterers by demonstrating their support by reducing plastic waste.

Need more?

Sustainable Cupar is a charity run by volunteers, based in Cupar, supporting sustainable lifestyles in and around the town. Chair, Joan Brown has led improvements to the Cupar to Ceres footpath (the Moor Road) and Sustainable Cupar is working with other bodies to encourage improvements in the town to support active travel. Sustainable Cupar’s Fruit and Blossom Group has improved the orchard at Millgate. Volunteers have recently planted more fruit trees at the orchard. Plastic reduction actions and litter picking are recently added activities which volunteers can get involved in.

You can follow them on Facebook via this link.

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