Twinning group update

The group that’s behind a long-established twinning link between Cupar and the Howe of Fife and a region in north-east France aims to resume exchange visits after a lengthy break caused by Covid-19.

Cupar and Howe of Fife Twinning Association forged a twinning relationship with the Argonne and its main town, Sainte Ménehould, nearly 20 years ago and since then there has been a series of informal exchange visits by various groups and individuals.

However, these stopped with the onset of the pandemic and the links between the two have been maintained solely by online discussions.

Now, however, with their French counterparts keen to resume exchanges as soon as possible, the Fife association is spreading the word in and around Cupar.

Let’s get twinning!

Pauline Galloway, the association’s chair, says: “I’m sure many people think that our twinning link with the Argonne has fallen by the wayside but we’ve been keeping it going via Zoom in the past couple of years. The time is right to promote exchanges once again.

She adds: “I would urge residents and organisations in Cupar and the Howe of Fife who would like to consider travelling to our beautiful twin area in France to get in touch. Our exchanges in the past have been commercial, cultural and educational, supported by the Franco-Scottish Society, which has a branch in St Andrews. I look forward to helping to strengthen our links with the Argonne through more exchanges in the months and years to come.

Twenty years …

Next year will see the 20th anniversary of Cupar and the Argonne’s forged twinning link. It was formalised in Cupar in 2010 and in Ste Ménehould the following year with the signing of joint charters of friendship and twinning.

With the aim of “developing relations in cultural, sporting, social, economic, educational and tourist exchanges”, the twinning link has seen a series of exchange visits involving different groups including:

  • Choral societies
  • Local farmers
  • Traders
  • Walkers
  • Schools

Time for a toast!

The Argonne is situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region and Ste Ménehould is the birthplace of Dom Perignon, of champagne fame … so perfect for all to raise a glass when the time comes! It is close to France’s borders with Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany and, like Cupar and the Howe of Fife, is a largely agricultural area.

The Argonne is a perfect twinning partner for us” says Pauline, adding: “The two areas have a great deal in common and of course France and Scotland have links that go back many centuries. It will be great to get together once again.

News that the Cupar group is looking to revive exchange visits have been welcomed in France: “Covid or not, we must not give up”, is the message from Aremelle Duhal, president of Cupar and Howe of Fife Twinning Association’s counterpart organisation in Ste Ménehould. She adds that she found the opportunity to learn about the culture of France and Scotland to be “very enriching”.

Members of the twinning association recently met supporters and representatives of various organisations to discuss the way forward.

Need more?

Anyone interested in exchange visits or in supporting the work of the association is asked to get in touch via this email link.

You can follow their Facebook page here.

Pictured below, members of the twinning association at the farmers’ market community stall in March.