Community Market Stalls 2023

Throughout 2022, we sponsored a community stall at each of this year’s Fife Farmers’ Markets and helped to promote and support those who took part. So successful has been the initiative that we are not only repeating it in 2023 but we are doubling the number of stalls sponsored. And if you are part of a community group in and around Cupar, this is your chance to be on the calendar.

All stalls were offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, albeit we did some juggling to fit more in than had requested space. Some groups who already work closely doubled up on certain market days to help. You can read about the 2022 programme via this link.

In 2023, the same process applies and details on how to register are below.

Sign us up for Cupar’s Community Market Stalls!

The following dates are Market days in Cupar through 2023. They are all the third Saturday in each month:

21st January  |  18th February  |  18th March  |  15th April

20th May  |  17th June  |  15th July  |  19th August

16th September  |  21st October  |  18th November  |  16th December

The Market is run by Fife Farmers Market and they set up the stalls ready for those taking part. Stallholders can arrive from soon after 0800 on the given day – and the market runs from 0900-1300. The stall and cover are provided by the market. It is then down to each exhibitor to bring materials required for the day.

When asking for a slot, we ask that you state a 1st and 2nd preference re months so we can allocate days accordingly.

Once we have enough numbers to fill the year’s calendar, we will notify all and share your details with the Fife Farmer’s Market; they will liaise with each group over what is required in the countdown to the given date. Finally, we would stress that the market is weather dependent. Once your slot has been allocated, if the market is cancelled for any reason, we will do all we can to work with the Market to try to accommodate rescheduling.

Ready to register?

Email this link and please provide the following information:

  • Your name:
  • Phone number:
  • The organisation/group you represent:
  • Market Dates:
    • Your 1st month preference:
    • Your 2nd month preference:
  • What you/your group would plan to do on the day:
  • Why being a part of this programme is important to you/your group:

Our thanks …

None of this work would be possible without the support of levy-paying businesses across Cupar who help to fund CuparNow. Please show them your support as it is their contributions that enable our work.


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