Cupar’s Year of Stories – South Bridge

The South Bridge – the site of the old Bridge Port – provides a route across the River Eden between the town centre and road and rail links.

Prominent buildings include the former Station Hotel (once the Bluebell Inn) on the corner with the Crossgate.

In 1854, The Bluebell Inn was described …

An Inn with good stabling accommodation attached at the junction of South Bridge Street and with Crossgate and is at present occupied by Mr Thomson, Innkeeper”.

Two small passages leading to the banks of the River Eden may be followed at either side of the South Bridge – both leading to the walkway that can be explored, eastwards to the Haugh Park and beyond and westwards, upstream towards the community orchard.

Of further interest is the former Cupar Studio building, the photography business, converted to housing many years ago.



We’d like to thank Cupar Museum & Heritage Centre for their help in supporting this series of stories – part of Cupar’s contribution to Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022.


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