Express Group Fife

Isolated? Feel alone and in need of company … or have a loved one or friend who could use such help and support? Why not check out Express Group Fife who operate from Cupar Y on Bonnygate every Friday morning …

For the last 45 years, people across Fife have been able to turn to Express Groups – a local charity offering mental health support. The aim is to provide a “safe place” where service users can share experiences, and support each other … and that aim is as relevant today as it was in 1977.

For some, the Groups are the only place where they can meet people and socialise. For others? They are a chance to help and show what they can do.

The Cupar Group meets every Friday at Cupar Y. The session starts at 0930 with a simple breakfast and provides social activity for people who are experiencing or who have experienced poor mental health. It runs until 1300, ending with a cooked meal. In between all can play board games, do arts and crafts – or just chat with others.

The Groups are supported by volunteer helpers, many of whom have given years of service, as well as by paid staff,. However, the group sessions are what the users make of them. As explained, all the Groups are safe places where people can “relax and move forward at their own pace“.


Need more?

Find more on the group’s Facebook page via this link or their website.

Call in to any of the upcoming sessions, phone 01592 645331 or email via this link for more information.



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