Platinum Jubilee Quiz – Part 6

We thought it would be fun to have a quiz to help us celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. In fact, we’ve ended up with six quizzes in total! When you are at the park, look for the Quiz QR codes. You’ll find one at the bandstand and the remaining at five dress displays.

We are very grateful to Fiona Dewar and Mairi Lumsden who have been instrumental in the small army of volunteers to help deliver the Picnic in The Park event. Mairi has created this section of the quiz for us to share.

It is just for fun, no prizes … just the satisfaction of knowing you are a great quizzer! They’ve been put together with the best knowledge that they are true to fact.

The Carpet Underlay Dress!

  1. How can you keep your house cosy and keep your electric and gas prices down?
  2. What is Fiberglass made from?
  3. What is Cellulose insulation made from?
  4. Do you think you can make a greenhouse out of one-use plastic bottles?
  5. How many homes in the UK in 2020 do you think roughly have loft insulation?
  6. What does installation do?
  7. What are the 3 main benefits of insulating our homes?
  8. What else can insulation reduce?
  9. Who invented Fiberglass?
  10. Does heat move towards cold or cold move towards heat?

We will post the answers to these questions via this page after the Jubilee event – so check back to see how you have done!




Thanks for having a go!