Can you help Lucky Ewe?

Lucky Ewe is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated organisation offering farm-based work experience for people with additional support needs. They contacted us after their request for a 25-year lease on publicly-owned farmland at NHS Stratheden – to provide an accessible farming base – was refused.

The reason given for the refusal was that their request did not provide sufficient evidence of the level and nature of the community support for the proposals and/or demand for some of the proposed services.

The charity has the opportunity to appeal the decision.

We have featured the charity’s work before – and they are one of the community organisations benefiting from CuparNow’s sponsorship of stalls at the Fife farmers’ Market this year … so we said we’d be happy to help spread the word.

They have a petition and are asking all who support their plans to sign: if possible – to comment with your postcode as that will help to demonstrate the level of support in our local community.

You can access the petition by clicking on the image below …

Need more?

You can read more on the charity and their work via their website. They are also on Facebook.


Thanks for reading.