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Earlier this year, we shared news on Heids & Herts – a new local charity that’s looking at improving engagement across the Howe of Fife through creativity. We published pieces on their film project as well as their plans for Haver FM community radio. We also recorded a podcast with Trustee, Andy Jones, to help share their story. Here’s their latest update on a series of events that are being staged over the coming weeks …

Heids & Herts was established in June 2021 to “create, inspire, and promote social connections in the Howe of Fife through community arts  projects“.

The following events form Heids & Herts first series of The Village Creative. The activities are all about helping communities reconnect, inviting everyone to discover the benefits of developing creativity, finding new ways to express ourselves and dusting down hidden talents!

  • Drawing from Nature with Alison Philp: In this workshop we will primarily be using observational drawing as a tool of attentiveness to our natural surroundings. We will look at natural forms and processes and learn drawing techniques to creatively engage with them.
  • Silhouette Art – Your Life In Stained Glass Pictures with Leigh McCalister: Creating people/places and the things you love with simple card and light techniques. Silhouette Art is a wonderful expressive artform, creating people and places long ago. Come to a workshop run by artist Leigh McCalister to help you create yourself or a character on a journey round Fife – either in the past or today.
  • Introduction to Pinhole Photography with Kit Martin: In this back to basics workshop you will experiment with pinhole cameras made from whisky tubes, tins and card, to celebrate World Pinhole Day!
  • Fun with Animation with Bun Mitchell: Bun will provide objects to make movies from including lego, plasticine, cardboard for sets, markers and blutak and other props. We will work in teams of three or four, helping each other with stories, set building, moving characters and filming to produce short movies. Then we will make our own soundtracks for the films. Each team will be given a sentence to start them off.

  • Felted Landscapes – A Wool Painting of Your Favourite Fife Place with Kirsty Tudor: In this workshop Kirsty will show you how to use a variety of pure wool fibers to create a picture of your favorite Fife landscape or place. We will use wet felting techniques to create a background and embellish your scene using 2D needle felting.  We will utilize the fascinating range of British wool fibers to create amazing textures while learning about wool and its amazing properties and how magically versatile it is.
  • Sashiko – Little Stab Stitching with Andrea McMillan: Sashiko is the Japanese art of sewing two or more layers of material together, using a simple running stitch. The designs are made up of straight lines and curves, ranging from the very simple to complex and beautiful. Traditionally white thread is used to contrast with dark blue cloth.
  • Map Poems – a Map of the Changing Self with Mick Kitson: Come and explore your own life and experience through poetry. An easily learned and used technique to find your own language to express ideas and feelings in a structured, image-heavy piece of poetry.
  • An Introduction to Illuminated Lettering Art with Carolyn Higgins: An interesting, relaxed, and fun class for all artistic abilities, exploring the form and art of illuminated lettering. You will be helped to design a detailed letter (or various letters) with the use of basic calligraphy, flourishes and borders.
  • Just Write! – a Fun Creative Writing Workshop with Geoff Barker: Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience of writing, this stimulating, interactive workshop – for adults and teenagers – is sure to encourage you in your creative writing.
  • Intro into Storytelling – In Scotland’s Year of Stories with Sarah Wedderburn Ogilvy: In this workshop, we will be looking at the art of oral storytelling and introducing the basics that will have you telling a short story by the end of the workshop. 2022 is Scotland’s year of Stories – are you ready to discover your inner storyteller? No experience is required – all you need is a desire to start telling stories to others, without having to rely on notes or books.


More info & booking …

More can be found on all the above via the Heids & Herts website – and you can book for any of the activities through their Eventbrite page.

The Village Creative is funded by The University of St Andrews Community Fund.


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