Platinum Jubilee Quiz – Part 3

We thought it would be fun to have a quiz to help us celebrate the Platinum Jubilee – and we are very grateful to Fiona Dewar – one of the army who has helped to pull together the Picnic in The Park event – who has created the quiz for us to share.

It is just for fun, no prizes … just the satisfaction of knowing you are a great quizzer!

There are no fewer than 52 questions in total and they are split across three parts, all accessed by using QR codes at the Picnic in The Park.

This is Part 3 …

  1. What was the name of the Queen’s royal Yacht?
  2. King James 1st was also King James VI of where?
  3. Is the Queen allowed to drive without a driving license?
  4. Which member of the Royal family does not have a passport?
  5. Where was the Queen born?
  6. What is the Queen traditional known for on Christmas day?
  7. Where is the Queen’s favourite holiday in Scotland?
  8. How old is the Queen?
  9. How many children does the Queen have?
  10. Where did Prince William and Kate meet?
  11. What is the Queen’s favourite colour?
  12. Which castle was Prince Charles’s inauguration held in?
  13. Which celebration is the Queen celebrating this year 2022?
  14. What unusual gift for a child did the Queen buy for her great grandson Archie for his Christmas?
  15. How long has there been a monarchy in the United Kingdom?
  16. When is the Queen’s platinum jubilee?


Thanks for having a go!