Dripping with ambition …

In the middle of lockdown, a new business was established in Cupar – to “start a new wave in streetwear“. Almost 12 months on, founders Finlay Aitken and Tyler Tulleth are planning the next steps for their new brand, GOTEO. We caught up with them to find out more …

Finlay and Tyler met some years ago. Finlay explains: “My sister introduced me to Tyler just over three years ago and we instantly got on really well – sharing lots of similarities with the same taste in music and fashion.” During the 2020 lockdown, they started sharing ideas about a potential clothing brand. “Tyler said ‘let’s do it’ – so we started doing lots of research and began this adventure.

Both come up with designs. Finlay says: “Sometimes Tyler comes up with the idea and I develop the design and refine it. I do majority of the designing and Tyler takes control of the social media aspect but, more or less, we do everything together.

Why GOTEO? Tyler explains the name, saying: “Goteo means drip in Spanish, drip being a term of being dripped out in unique designed clothing. It’s a hip hop and street way of saying ‘cool’ or ‘looking good’.

They started from scratch with just the idea, came up with the brand name – and then began designing and manufacturing. They both freehand the drawings then tidy them up and edit on computers to make sure each design is refined and of the highest quality.

Finlay says: “We’re two young adults with a dream of forming a new brand within the growing industry of streetwear. We launched with different t-shirts and accessories … and we’re happy with the way things are going.

Finlay is studying 3D design at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and Tyler works in St. Andrews – so the two are busy with day to day life.  When the time allows, the two do photo shoots locally and post the content on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to help promote and sell their products via their website.

Instagram is their main promotional channel where you’ll find their streetwear. And from their Cupar base, the two are starting to make that wave. Tyler says: “We are selling and delivering locally – but as each week goes by, our message spreads. That’s definitely down to the social media influence.” Most of their customers are in Fife, but they are now making sales in Leeds, Stoke, Newcastle, Liverpool as well as in London and Ireland.

Their USP is very much in their unique designs – and in making their brand affordable. All the products are made south of the border but shipped back for finishing and packaging in Cupar. Finlay adds: “As the weeks progress, we are looking at how we can become more environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials. We want to do our bit and we hope to get custom sustainable packaging soon.” They also wanted a local touch so have their own labels that are sewn into their products in Cupar by the Wee Pin Cushion on Bonnygate.

What’s coming next?Our product count varies as we launch new designs in collections – or drops as we call them” says Tyler, with Finlay adding: “We are inspired by various things – but our main driver is having our own brand, our own creation of unique products which you will only find on our website and nowhere else. Our greatest achievement is just seeing people wearing clothes and accessories that we have designed. It has been nothing but enjoyment.

As with all who feature on our business profiles, we ask what they’d recommend to anyone visiting Cupar for the first time or for the first time in a long time: “There are lots of things to do and visit in Cupar. It is a lovely place to live with some great small businesses and cafes to enjoy.


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