Sustainability Month – Outlandish Style

What is the best selling hybrid or electric car in the UK? We can tell you: it is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV -and it is available right here in Cupar from Fife Mitsubishi on the Trading Estate. As a focus on our Sustainability Month, we took a closer look …

The Outlander PHEV represents “the most technically advanced SUV ever produced by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation“. It launched in the UK seven years ago and made an immediate impact. In 2013, fewer than a thousand plug-in hybrids were sold across the country. By the end of 2014, more than 10,000 Outlander PHEVs had been sold, the demand driven by a mix of customer needs: a growing appetite for SUVs, 4X4s and greener vehicles.

Today, it is still the best selling plug-in – hybrid or electric – in the UK … and from a quick look at the spec, it is easy to understand its popularity.

The exterior design has an integrated front grille, bumper and fog lamp bezels, LED headlamp system and 16-inch alloy wheels. On performance? It boasts a 2.4-Litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a maximum engine output of 135ps @ 4500 rpm. Maximum speed in EV mode? 83mph (where legally permitted) and it does 0-62mph in 10.5 seconds.

On the off-road stakes, it has what is known as a Super-All Wheel Control system with Eco, Snow, Sport and Lock drive modes, high body rigidity through the use of structural adhesive welding, re-calibrated suspension and improved ride quality as well as large front brake discs (vented) for improved feel and stopping power.

Safety & Luxury Combined

The Outlander PHEV has a five-star NCAP safety rating, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, a reversing camera, seven airbags (including a driver’s side knee airbag), LED daytime running lights, LED fog lamps and LED high beams, electronic parking brake with auto-hold, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Dynamic Safety with Lane Departure Warning, Automatic High-Beam, Adaptive Cruise Control.

Inside you will find a new 8-inch Smartphone Display Audio system, power lumbar support on the driver’s seat and rear air conditioning vents. And there are all the features you would expect from a market-leader. Here’s just a selection …

  • Permanent 4WD
  • Heated front seats
  • Electric Pre-Heater
  • DAB audio
  • EV priority mode
  • Cruise control
  • Dual-zone Climate control
  • Keyless operation system
  • Remote smartphone app compatible

For people wanting an SUV, it offers the same space and practicality, as well as the all-important elevated driving position, as any of its competitors. The battery pack doesn’t devour boot space or compromise the dynamics – it is integrated into the floor, keeping the centre of gravity low and ensuring that the Outlander PHEV retains the practical advantages of a large boot and fold-flat rear seats.

For those looking for a four-wheel drive vehicle, it offers the unique solution of having an electric motor for each axle which means that even in EV mode, it remains a true 4X4 at all times.

Sustainably Yours

For the growing number of people looking to drive more sustainable vehicles, the Outlander PHEV offers a real-world EV driving range – far in excess of the average daily commute. An impressive 28 miles according to the new, more stringent real-world WLTP tests. The WLTP average fuel economy figure for the new Outlander PHEV is 139mpg. And its WLTP CO2 emissions? Just 46g/km.

It is ideally suited to the kind of use most family cars are put to – short drives – the kind of motoring where internal combustion engines are often at their least efficient. And yet, thanks to the seamless integration of a powerful petrol engine, there’s no range anxiety and no need for a second vehicle for longer drives. The Outlander PHEV can genuinely assume the role of primary vehicle for any family.

Enhanced Driving Experience

Since its launch in 2014, the Outlander PHEV has evolved. The latest advances are all geared to ensuring it remains a leader in terms of efficiency and performance while also improving every aspect of the driving experience – all in response to customer feedback. There are three drive modes …

  • EV Priority Mode (up to 84 mph – where legal)
    • Car powered by the front & rear motors
    • Energy sourced from the battery
  • Series Hybrid Mode
    • Car still powered by the front & rear motors
    • Engine engaged to run the generator to charge the battery while driving
    • Mode automatically activated for sudden acceleration, driving uphill or when the state of battery charge is too low
    • System switches back to EV Priority mode as much as possible
  • Parallel Hybrid Mode
    • Engine powers front wheels (via Multimode front transaxle)
    • Front electric motor assists engine, rear motor drives rear wheels
    • Mode automatically activated at high speed
    • System switches to Series Hybrid/ EV Priority mode as much as possible


Need more?

The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is available now from £35,815 OTR. Get in touch with Fife Mitsubishi for more. You can follow them on Facebook, pop in to see them on the Trading Estate or call them on 01334 654228.

Please note, some of the features listed apply to certain variants of the model. Please ask Fife Mitsubishi for more information when enquiring.


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