CuparNow Podcast #5

We are delighted people are picking up on our Podcast. Hundreds of folk have been tuning in – and we’re very pleased to share our fifth episode – a conversation with Alison Milne.

Alison is involved in a number of projects and organisations in and around Cupar including as a volunteer with Sustainable Cupar … and teaching brass!

She explains: “I am keen that the people of the Cupar area take advantage of all the support that is out there to make Cupar a great place to live.

She adds: “There seems to be a move to have our groups and organisations support each other. Bringing them together to share information, help and challenge the areas that are not helpful. Listening to Cupar has been one phrase used.  The more we share and involve the voices that are not normally heard we will be a thriving community that we can be proud to be living in.

Alison has been involved in Fairer Fife as part of my work in the NHS.  She says: “This is a great project to look at creating more fairness in our communities. I can see that the current work of Fairer Fife could be a fantastic asset to Cupar groups and local planning and decision making.”

Your story, your community …

They are currently running a data gathering project called Your Story, Your Community How did you get through the pandemic and who helped along the way?

The project collects people’s points of view in relation to the pandemic but, as Alison explains: “That is just one way of using this data gathering software.  If Fife Council continue to invest in this, we could use it at a Cupar level to gather all sorts of points of views of the people and get nuanced information about what people really feel and need.

The information people put into it is anonymous but their views are collected and sorted in an interesting way. Alison says: “Local groups could use that information to back up their specific projects.  The more we engage with this the more we could get out of it. I can see many benefits for local groups.

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Please check out the Your story, your community link and share with all who might be interested.

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