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We are delighted to launch a brand new element to our Blog: CuparNow KnowHow. In our work with businesses and organisations across the town, we have been wowed by the amazing array of talents we have discovered, so we’ve decided to showcase them ongoing through this new feature.

Best foot forward …

Vicky Green has joined Yvonne Gray Dance Studios as their new ‘count me in’ teacher. Not really knowing what that meant, we caught up with Vicky to discover more …

Originally from Glasgow, Vicky moved to Orkney in 2007 where she met her husband. Just over ten years later, they moved to Cupar. Vicky says: “We decided that we wanted to be back on the mainland, offering more opportunities for our young children and to be closer to friends and family.” She adds: “My brother used to live in Cupar, so we’d spent quite a bit of time visiting him and his family. We liked the town. It has the rural aspect of life which we wanted to keep and enjoy.

Vicky trained in London at London Studio Centre. After graduating, she went on to tour in the UK production of Dr Dolittle: “My career took me abroad performing – and back to Glasgow where I performed in the Kings Pantomime … and where I was also dance captain.

Between jobs Vicky taught dance as freelance teacher in Glasgow – working with nursery groups, special education needs (SEN) groups, primary and secondary schools and adults.

She says: “Through my teaching, I ended up working for Ydance (Scottish Youth Dance). They are a national dance organisation offering opportunities for young people and children across Scotland. I worked on various projects and, while I was in Orkney, I took on the role of Dance Development officer for the Free to Dance project – a project working with teenage girls.” On Orkney, as well as working for Ydance, Vicky also worked for Orkney Islands Council, coordinating several events leading up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

I ran my own creative dance sessions, choreographed for many community performances and worked with various SEN groups, schools and other local and visiting dance groups and organisations.” Vicky’s development role – working within the community – led her to work with young people where she took on the role of Youth Development worker with the local charity, the Orkney Youth Caf .

Early steps

Where did Vicky’s passion for dance begin? She explains: “I’ve always loved to dance and I remember my gran encouraging me. I used to stay with her at weekends and we would watch old 70s/80s tv shows like Dusty Bin 321 and the Generation Game. They always had dancers on at the beginning or just before or after the breaks.” Vicky adds: “Gran would help me move the furniture out of the way to give me space to dance along with them. I think this was great entertainment for her!

She began to take her dance more seriously and used to attend the Aberdeen Youth Festival every year where they’d run a summer dance school. “I remember they always had the most amazing teachers and I specifically remember being taught by Russian ballet teachers who really inspired me and made we work incredibly hard.” She remembers the hard work – as well as the great friendships she established … friendships she still has to this day.

During her time at college, Vicky had a few inspirational teachers. During her final year at college, she recalls working with dancer and choreographer, Sheron Wray. “I loved her style of dance jazz/contemporary. I would have been happy to dance with her every day of the week.

Cupar calling …

Since returning to the mainland, she has spent the last couple of years “focusing on my family – and finding my feet!” Today, Vicky is a youth worker for Fife Council.

How did she end up working with Yvonne Gray? “Luckily, I met Yvonne who asked if I’d like to deliver an inclusive dance session specifically for disabled young people.” She says: “I love being creative and taking my class on a journey. I love using themes and various events that take place throughout the year. This week we were learning about Chinese New Year and taking various aspects into our session. We always use props and a variety of music.

Vicky says she still gets inspired: “Recently, I taught a class for Yvonne and Alison and was so impressed by the talent of their dancers. They all work so hard and show such determination and passion for their art. I love seeing the young people get inspired – having fun and being able to express themselves. The freedom it gives them and the friendships they make. I love to see them progress, develop and grow in confidence. I find it extremely rewarding.

Vicky loves her work and has a message for any youngster who is keen to explore dance as a career. “You have to enjoy it. You have to be prepared to work hard and be focussed. Above all, be confident.


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